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22 October 2013 @ 03:41 pm
Instinct (Complete)  

Instinct Header

Title: Instinct
Authors: nblaque_impala & dualityforce
Artist: kaelysta
Pairing: Sam/Dean.
Rating: NC-17.
Words: 30,000+/

Summary: Wincest big bang 2013. When Dean Winchester finds a dog chained up and caged on a routine demon hunt, he and Bobby see no other option than to take him along for the ride. The last thing that either of them expect is the realisation that the dog is more than just a dog, a discovery with rocks Dean’s world to its very axis. Everything his father has ever told him says that anything that’s not human needs to be killed, but confronted by a shapeshifter named Sam who has managed to work his way straight into Dean’s heart, his instincts say otherwise.
Warnings: Non brother au, brief descriptions of torture, explicit m/m sex, demons, violence and copious amounts of angst.